Why Sedation Dentistry is Ideal for Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted by Dr. Soto Oct 06, 2017

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Life can be stressful, but visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be. If you are considering cosmetic dentistry, you might want to also think about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is really ideal for cosmetic dentistry, especially when the work to be performed is extensive.

Why Sedation Dentistry Pairs So Well with Cosmetic Dentistry

Sedation, or “sleep dentistry,” offers an effective alternative for patients with severe dental anxiety, a low threshold of pain tolerance, those with a strong gag reflex or anyone who requires a deep state of relaxation while advanced dental procedures are carried out.

Dr. Ernie Soto has had decades of experience in all forms of advanced cosmetic and dental reconstruction in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, providing patients with pain-free smiles over the years. Dr. Soto is an expert in all areas of dentistry, including advanced cosmetic dental procedures. He is also one of only a handful of dentists licensed by the state of Florida to provide IV anesthesia.

In many cases, Dr. Soto can perform more than one procedure while you are sedated. This means fewer visits, even with complex cosmetic and reconstructive dental work. Sedation for cosmetic or extensive reconstructive dental work is often ideal because:

More dental work can be completed: Certain procedures require several sessions to be completed, and some patients may need several dental treatments at one time. Sedatives can allow such dental procedures to be performed without the cause for undue discomfort and anxiety to the patient.

  • Overly sensitive teeth: For some people, the slightest touch or pressure to their teeth is often so painful it shoots pain signals down their spine. This makes working on the patient difficult. Sedation helps numb the teeth and relax the patient, reducing the pain and anxiety they would normally feel.
  • Painless: Sedative agents work by inducing relaxation while some work by altering the perception of pain by the brain, effectively blocking the nervous system from transmitting the pain signal and keeping the patient from recognizing the pain. This makes the dental procedures pain-free.
  • It stops fidgeting and lowers anxiety: Nervousness and anxiety can show up in several forms, including fidgeting and restlessness. Sleep dentistry can help patients stay completely relaxed, allowing the dentist to work more quickly and efficiently.
  • Saves you money: Even though sedatives usually mean extra cost, you will save money in the long run. Instead of taking several office visits to complete some procedures, Sedative dentistry could mean that the procedure can be finished in just one single session.

In order to determine if sedation dentistry is right for you, Dr. Soto will first review your medical history. If appropriate, he can provide a one-time prescription for anxiety medication to take in advance of the appointment.

After you arrive, an IV can be started to help relax further. A trained and fully licensed paramedic will be stationed with you throughout your visit. All sedated patients are carefully monitored during the whole process. (You will never be left alone, even for a moment.)

The medication will make you so relaxed, you probably won’t remember any details of having the procedure performed. You will be evaluated and allowed to wake up fully before leaving, however you will need someone to drive you home. At the office of Dr. Ernie Soto, we care about your dental health, and your entire dental experience. Get the lovely, radiant smile you have always wanted, with the help of Dr. Soto in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

Call (954) 368-6264 today or request an appointment online.  Dr. Ernie Soto specializes in sedation and reconstructive dental care. He has the advanced training and gentle touch you need. Don’t wait another day for a better smile.



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