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Posted by Dr. Soto Apr 16, 2021

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Good dental hygiene and dietary lifestyle are important in maintaining good oral health, but you must also regularly consult with a good dentist. Also called orthodontists, these specialists not only perform operations that can better your dental health, but they also non-surgical care and advice on how to take care of your precious smile. So, how do you know if you found the right dentist for you?

Here are five simple ways to tell if you are working with a good dentist.


While visiting your dentist’s clinic, make sure to observe and look around. You should inquire if dental instruments and apparatus are sanitized and the waste is disposed of properly. Observe if your dentist is using gloves and regularly sanitizing before proceeding with your check-up.

Otherwise, rethink getting your checkups with a dentist who doesn’t uphold cleanliness. A good dentist shouldn’t risk you acquiring germs during your dental procedure or cleaning.

Only Recommends Necessary Treatments

One way to tell you are consulting with a good dentist is to look into what they recommend. An expert will examine your oral health needs and proceed with a very specific procedure for your condition. They will not try to give you treatments and medications that are unnecessary for what you need.

A good dentist will try conservative treatments before recommending surgery, whenever possible. Do not let a dentist force you to proceed without valuing your decision and resources. You can always look for other dentists that will suit your needs.

Fosters A Healthy Patient Relationship

A good dentist is capable of creating healthy interpersonal relationships with clients. It means they respect you, as well as your opinions and time. Furthermore, a good dentist also deals with your values and rights as a patient politely and calmly. A good dentist would know how to give you the best patient care possible.

If your dentist considers your opinions and listens to your suggestions, you are in good hands.

Follows Up With Your Progress

A good dentist follows up after a dental procedure by inquiring about your state of health. Your dentist should check the effect of a certain procedure or medication on your oral health. Follow-ups examine your condition to ensure treatment is effective.

Preventive dental medicine is the expertise of The Dental Office of Dr. Ernie Soto. We provide regular checkups, prompt treatment of dental conditions, and individualized preventative dental plans.

Helps You Understand

Lastly, a good dentist helps you understand technical terms about your procedure. In case you have questions, a good dentist will entertain them and strive to make you understand the specifics, especially those that concern your overall health, without confusing you.

Further, a good dentist will make you feel comfortable in asking questions. Consider how your dentist approaches you during consultations.

Great Dentist in Florida

Oral health is a very important part of our wellness, because it plays a huge role in our health, as well as our confidence and self-esteem. Choosing a good dentist who is knowledgeable about patient care is very important and must be considered at all times. Find one who listens to your needs and is passionate about giving you the best smile.

If you are looking for a good dentist who knows a lot about preventive dental care, Dr. Ernie Soto and his team offer a wide range of dental services and techniques that can help you reach your best oral health outcomes. Our clinic has state-of-the-art instruments and effective care. Our team is passionate about serving personalized care for all of your dental health care needs.

If you want to know more about Dr. Soto and his wide range of expertise, you may call us at (954) 368-6264, or request an appointment today!

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