What Is the Best Teeth Whitening Method for You?

Posted by Dr. Soto Sep 09, 2022

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Whiter teeth are a sign of good oral hygiene, and they are an immense help in creating a positive first impression. In addition, research has shown that people with whiter teeth tend to be perceived as being more successful, smarter, and more attractive than those with yellowing or stained teeth.

With whiter teeth, you will feel good because you know you look good. With so many teeth whitening methods on the market, how do you know which one can help you achieve the shade of white you desire? If you want dramatic results in as little as 45 minutes, choose Zoom teeth whitening.

Let’s discuss why this is the best teeth whitening method available today.

Why Zoom Teeth Whitening?

There are many methods that you can use to whiten your teeth, but it is near impossible to achieve white teeth, especially with deeper stains and discolorations, in a safe manner without the help of a dentist. Whitening toothpaste, whitening strips and gels, and at-home teeth whitening kits reach only the front teeth and can irritate the gums, and at best are mildly effective. Most people are not satisfied with the results of such methods.

Leaving the removal of deep stains to the professionals, the Zoom teeth whitening system is the most popular and widely used by dentists. It is proven to deliver excellent results in as little as one session. Not only that, Zoom teeth whitening is safe because it is performed under the close supervision of your dentist.

How It’s Done

During the appointment, your dentist will place a rubber shield over your gums to protect them from the bleaching agent. A special gel is then applied to your teeth, which contains hydrogen peroxide – this is what actually whitens your teeth. The gel used in Zoom teeth whitening has been reformulated to address teeth sensitivity issues.

Then, your dentist will use a special ultraviolet (UV) light to activate the gel and begin the whitening process; this usually takes about 15 minutes per session. The light used by dentists in Zoom teeth whitening penetrates every single tooth, reaching even deep-seated stains. A single Zoom teeth whitening procedure can whiten teeth up to eight shades lighter. The method is much safer since it is performed by a dentist, who assesses and controls risks associated with teeth whitening.

Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening in Plantation, FL

Dr. Ernie Soto can create a dazzling smile in just one visit with Zoom teeth whitening. Before whitening your teeth, we will first perform a professional cleaning in order to boost the results of the treatment. To maintain your white teeth, we will provide Zoom! Weekender or Nite White gel to apply at home is more effective than starting with yellow, discolored teeth. The complete procedure takes as little as an hour. Our friendly and caring dental staff will make sure you are comfortable in our dental office.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Soto, call our dental office in Plantation today at (954) 368-6264 or use our convenient online request form.

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