What is the best age for braces?

Posted by Dr. Soto May 18, 2018

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Braces or orthodontics in general help people achieve a beautiful smile with straight, evenly-spaced teeth. Orthodontics also offer vital treatment for correcting a bite that can cause serious dental problems and overall health issues. Depending on your age or the age of your child, there are different orthodontic options available for the best treatment outcomes. Braces are a form of orthodontics that helps straighten and align the teeth for the best fit and look. So, what is the best age to have braces?


If you had braces as a teen or adult, it may be that your child will also. Teeth follow genetics, and along with things like eye color and height, your child’s teeth may look like yours did before braces. If your child’s teeth show signs of being crooked or having spacing problems, your pediatric or family dentist may recommend orthodontic phasing as early as age 7 (when permanent teeth begin coming in). X-rays will show whether the permanent teeth are coming in at the right angle and in the right position. Space maintainers can keep teeth aligned as the permanent teeth come in, preventing costly corrective measures later on.

Tweens and teens

Traditionally and stereotypically, adolescents wear braces for one or more years to straighten their teeth and correct their bites. At this point, all the adult teeth have come in and any problems with crookedness, spacing, or bite, are apparent. The type of braces needed and the treatment goals are determined by the orthodontist. There is a wide range of attitudes that teens have about their braces. Some may look forward to having straight teeth, some may feel extremely self-conscious about how braces change their appearance, while others choose bright colored braces or bands to flash proudly as they smile. Depending on the degree of correction needed and other factors, adolescents may be candidates for Invisalign, a system using clear aligners to straighten teeth. Your dentist will be able to determine whether this is an option, as the near-invisibility of aligners can be an attractive option for some patients.

Adults of any age

Let’s get the facts straightened out – Braces aren’t just for kids! Adults may have orthodontic issues that were never corrected, or new problems stemming from dental work that shifted teeth, TMJ, or even an accident. For many adults, teeth straightened by braces as a teen shift back into their old positions because they didn’t use their retainer or it no longer fit. More and more, adults are getting braces to perfect their smiles by straightening teeth and eliminating areas of crowding or gaps between teeth. Invisalign is an option favored by many adults since it is discreet and undetectable most of the time. The aligner trays are removable for eating, too, so there is no need to restrict which foods you can eat.

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