Vacation Tips to Keep Your Smile Healthy

Posted by Dr. Soto Jan 25, 2019

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Oral health is essential for a beautiful smile and healthy teeth and gums. It should be a priority for everyone, but it often gets ignored. For example, while vacations may mean time off work, school, and away from your many responsibilities, it is not a time to neglect oral hygiene.

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy smile even when you’re on vacation:

Brush Twice a Day

Just because you are on vacation doesn’t mean you should take a holiday from brushing your teeth. Once you get to your hotel, establish the same brushing routine you have at home. It’s most often convenient to brush when you wake up in the morning and right before you go to bed. If this applies to you, do the same while you are on vacation. Brushing twice a day will ensure you remove unwanted food particles from your teeth so you can maintain a clean and bright smile.

Limit Citrus, Sodas, and Red Wine Intake

Vacations are often when we neglect our diets and eat and drink to our heart’s desire. But poor choices in these areas can be bad for your health and your teeth. While on vacation, keep in mind that your teeth can be negatively affected by certain foods and drinks. Citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruit, carbonated drinks like Coca-Cola and Sprite, and red wines are detrimental to your pearly whites. Citrus and carbonated drinks destroy enamel, which is an essential component of healthy teeth. Carbonated drinks and red wine easily stain teeth.

In order to maintain a healthy smile, you should limit your intake of these items. When you do decide to enjoy them, try to use a straw whenever possible so your teeth are not exposed to the drinks too much. Finally, be sure to rinse out your mouth afterwards to get rid of extra food and drink particles as quickly as possible. These steps will let you enjoy your favorite drinks and foods without having to give up on a beautiful and healthy smile.

Rinse After Eating

We work hard all year long to consume a healthy diet – who wants to do the same while on vacation? No one! While you’re enjoying yummy foods and drinks on vacation, there is one thing you can do to reduce any chances of tooth decay and bad breath – rinse your mouth out after eating! It will only take a minute or two out of your usual routine but will ensure food particles don’t sit on your teeth for hours at a time. This can lessen the chance of tooth decay and bad breath.

Keep Travel Toothbrush and Floss Handy

Packing for vacations can be a hectic process; we always seem to forget something, no matter how much we plan ahead.

By keeping a travel toothbrush and floss with you wherever you go increases the likelihood that you brush and floss, which can make oral hygiene that much easier and convenient. The key is in preparing: the better you prepare, the more successful you will be.

If you are interested in learning more about what you can do to keep your smile healthy or want to have work done by a dentist who is not only highly qualified but also concerned about your comfort during your visits, consider seeing Dr. Ernie Soto.

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