Questions to Ask Your New Dentist Office

Posted by Dr. Soto Nov 07, 2019

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Whether your family dentist has retired or you have moved to a new area, there comes a time when you may have to find a new dentist. While you can read a review online, check a doctor’s website and credentials or ask for recommendations on social media, there are still questions that only your perspective dentist can answer.  After performing your diligence, it’s good to make a list of dentists who serve your area. Once you find that they offer the services you are seeking, be sure to ask these questions to make sure you and your dentist can develop a long-term relationship.

How soon can I get an appointment when I call to make one?

When you enter the dentist’s office, you are going to need to fill out some paperwork. Ask the administrator or receptionist how soon before the dentist can see you when you make an appointment. If the dentist is exceptionally busy, it may mean you’d have to wait months to see him. Now imagine if you have a toothache or dental emergency. The best dental practices make time available in their schedules to accommodate dental emergencies.

How would you describe your practice’s approach to patients?

There are dentists who may have a gentle manner but take an assembly line approach to treating patients. Is this something that you’d be okay with? Or would you rather have a friendly family practitioner with whom you’d get along? These things are subjective and hinge on preference. Plus, there are a lot more patients with dental anxiety than without – does your perspective dentist offer sedation? A dentist who knows how to allay your fears and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable about going to the dentist always is the best choice.

What procedures do you specialize in?

Some dentists specialize in family dentistry, while some specialize in cosmetic dentistry. You can check this type of information on the dentist’s website. Many dentists refer out for orthodontia and implants, which is fine. However, if you anticipate your dental needs may be more advanced than simple cleanings and check-ups, it may be helpful to retain the services of a dentist who can provide a variety of treatments and services for you and your family.

Do you offer payment plans?

Does your prospective dentist’s office accept your dental plan? And for more complex or elective procedures that may not be covered by your dental plan, does your dentist allow you to make payments through a plan? Even with insurance, some dental services can have high deductibles and co-pays. Many dentist’s offices offer financing for unexpected or more pricey procedures to allow you to receive the best care, worry-free.

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