Partial vs. Full Mouth Reconstructions

Posted by Dr. Soto Jun 05, 2020

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Years of wear and tear, unhealthy oral health habits, and injuries can take a toll on your mouth and teeth. As a result, you may have a smile that is less than perfect, which can impact your confidence in the way you look. A mouth reconstruction is also able to address all dental issues that are affecting oral function, which benefits your oral health.

Fortunately, you can have a dental makeover through a partial or full mouth reconstruction. If you want to explore options on how to get a bright and healthy smile, you should ask your dentist about this procedure.

Mouth Reconstruction

Mouth reconstruction procedures involve a dentist rebuilding and restoring your smile to a beautiful and healthy state. It may involve the replacement of several or all of your teeth, depending on the level of damage you have. Mouth reconstruction is a cosmetic procedure, which means in some cases, insurance companies won’t classify it as a “needed” procedure for your health. Moreover, you may need to get multiple sessions to fully reconstruct your smile, and some aspects of your reconstruction may require surgery. As such, it can come with a hefty price tag if your insurance company doesn’t cover it. Fortunately, many dentists offer payment plans and deals so that you can afford to get the smile you want.

Partial Mouth Reconstruction

Partial mouth reconstruction procedures involve replacing or restoring a part of your smile. If you have several teeth that need to be restored or replaced, a partial mouth reconstruction is a way to go. If you need to get your upper teeth replaced but not your bottom ones (or vice versa), a partial mouth reconstruction is appropriate, as well. Partial reconstruction is just as beneficial as a full mouth reconstruction because dentists are able to match the artificial teeth’s color, size, and shape to your natural teeth. When the reconstruction is fully complete, no one will be able to tell the difference between your natural and artificial teeth.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full makeover that restores your entire mouth is a full mouth reconstruction. During this procedure, the dentist addresses all your dental issues, from chips and cracks in certain teeth to stains on others as well as tooth decay and missing teeth. This procedure is most appropriate for those with significant damage to their teeth, those who lost a large number of teeth (top and bottom) due to an injury or disease, or those who wish to have completely different shaped teeth than what they currently have. Patients who are receiving treatment for oral cancer may undergo a special kind of full mouth reconstruction that involves the restoration of lost structures from oral cancer treatment.

Depending on your needs, you may undergo any of the following treatments and services in a full mouth reconstruction:

  • Bonding
  • Crowns
  • Implants
  • Fillings
  • Root Canals
  • Veneers
  • Whitening treatments
  • Inlays and outlays

You may be wondering whether mouth reconstruction is right for you, and the answer is, it depends. You have to consult with a dentist that performs partial and full mouth reconstruction to get the right answer. After a detailed discussion of what you kind of smile you want to achieve and a thorough examination of your existing teeth and gums, your dentist can help you decide which of the two procedures is best for you.

Full and Partial Mouth Reconstruction in Plantation, Florida

If you are unhappy with your smile, Dr. Ernie Soto can help. Whether you need a partial or full reconstruction – or an entirely other treatment to transform your smile – Dr. Soto can offer you the solution you need. Visit us today and see how we can help rebuild your smile as well as your confidence.

To make an appointment, call Dr. Soto’s clinic at (954) 368-6264 or request an appointment now. Our friendly dental team and staff looks forward to serving you.

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