Making the Decision to Have Your Teeth Whitened

Posted by Dr. Soto May 14, 2021

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The dawn of modern teeth whitening has been a boon for many people who perceive a dazzling, white smile as the foundation of confidence.

If you’re having confidence issues and are contemplating getting your teeth whitened because they are not as pearly anymore, here are some bits of information that you will likely find useful.

Do-It-Yourself vs. In-Office Teeth Whitening

You have two main teeth-whitening options available to you: either DIY or you can see a cosmetic dentist to have it done for you.

A cosmetic dentist is trained to administer the appropriate amount of bleaching material, balancing both safety and results. They can also help prolong the effects of the whitening treatment by giving detailed aftercare instructions.

While convenient, DIY teeth whitening isn’t as effective as in-office. Also, if you opt to do it yourself, there’s a chance you might erode your enamel and damage your teeth in the process. Without the supervision of a dentist, you risk doing more harm than good. This may end up costing you more over the long run.

Who Is/Isn’t a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

People with suitably thick enamel, healthy teeth, and mild to moderate teeth discoloration are the ideal candidates for teeth whitening.

While the procedure has very few inherent risks, it is not for everyone. You may not be a good candidate if you have any of the following conditions or circumstances:

  • Allergy to peroxide
  • Below 16 years old
  • Bruxism
  • History or current diagnosis of gum disease
  • Existing dental work, such as dental crowns or fillings
  • Pregnant or lactating
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Tooth decay or exposed roots

Your dentist will first assess your teeth to determine if you’re a candidate for the procedure. They will review your medical history and check for any deep cavities that need to be treated first. Skipping this step is not an option, as the whitening agent may spread to the inner tooth layers through the damaged enamel, causing pain and sensitivity.

How fast you will see the optimal results of an in-office whitening treatment will depend on the severity of the discoloration of your teeth and your overall oral health. The procedure has been shown to have a higher success rate for teeth with yellow undertones than brown. A grayish tooth, which may sometimes indicate damage, is the least responsive to whitening procedures.

Teeth-Whitening Aftercare

  • An in-office teeth whitening should take no more than an hour to complete. You might experience tooth sensitivity and tenderness after the procedure.
  • Your dentist can give you something to ease your discomforts and will also provide you with aftercare instructions to help you enjoy the effects of your teeth-whitening treatment for a long time. These include:
  • After your treatment, especially during the first 48 hours, you’re supposed to refrain from consuming any brightly colored foods and drinks. Stick to colorless beverages, like water and milk.
  • You should also steer clear of deeply colored toothpaste and abrasive cleaners. Your teeth and gums may still be sensitive after being whitened, so use soft-bristled toothbrush.
  • Smoking is one of the main culprits in tooth discoloration. If you just had your teeth whitened, take this opportunity to gradually quit the habit once and for all.
  • Make sure you brush and floss as often as necessary.

In-Office Teeth Whitening in Plantation, FL

If you’re in search of a reliable dentist who has made a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional outcomes, visit the Dental Office of Dr. Ernie Soto today. Dr. Soto is highly skilled in the full range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures, including teeth whitening. Dr. Soto offers Zoom! teeth whitening—a product that has been clinically proven to make your teeth up to eight shades lighter in just under an hour.

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