How to Choose a Dentist

Posted by Dr. Soto Aug 23, 2018

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It can be hard to find a dentist you feel comfortable with – someone who you feel understands you and your needs. Someone who is available and returns your calls. Someone who cares about you.

There are plenty of dentists in your area, and choosing one can be quite a chore. But finally finding the right dentist for you can make your life and your smile a whole lot brighter.

What to Look for in a Dentist

Below are some of the most important factors that you may want to consider when looking for a dentist:


Friends and family almost always have your best interest at heart and will be honest with you. They may recommend you to a great dentist that they’re familiar with, a dentist who’s an acquaintance of theirs, or even their own dentist.

If you’re moving or relocating to a new home, but want to find a dentist closer to you, there’s nothing wrong with asking your current dentist to refer you to a dentist they’d recommend in the area you seek.

When getting referrals from others, some great questions to ask these people are the following:

  • How well does the dentist explain treatment options?
  • Do you often wait long in the waiting room?
  • Is billing simple and easy?
  • Is it difficult to get an appointment?
  • How are emergencies handled?

Accepted Insurance

If you have dental insurance, you’ll want to confirm that the practice you choose accepts this insurance. If not, you may have to pay 100 percent out-of-pocket for any and all procedures. While most practices accept the major insurance companies’ dental policies, it’s a good idea to be sure.

Location and Hours 

It’s great if your dentist’s office is near to where you live or work, but you also want to make sure their hours don’t conflict with your schedule. Some dental offices have very specific and limited days and hours. Avoid the hassle, and check their hours first before committing.

Professional Qualifications and Licenses

Most dental practices have a website that tells you about the dentist and his/her education, experience, certifications, etc. It’s a great idea to look into this, especially if you are looking for a specialist with experience in a certain type of dental work.

Personal Comfort 

Finally, you want to make sure that this new dentist makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Are you able to communicate your concerns and feel heard? If you express certain fears about visiting the dentist’s office or undergoing a procedure, are they accommodating or reassuring?

Having a good relationship with your dentist will put you at ease and make it easier to trust them.

Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Broward County

Be sure to visit a dentist at least twice a year in order to maintain optimum health of your mouth and teeth. After all, a skilled dentist isn’t only interested in your teeth, but also your entire oral health and your overall well-being.

Make your next appointment with Dr. Ernie Soto for all of your dental needs. Dr. Soto serves patients of all ages throughout Broward County for comprehensive dental care, and he specializes in cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Call (954) 368-6264 or fill out our online consultation request form today to schedule an appointment for a cleaning or an evaluation. We look forward to helping you and your whole family achieve bright, healthy smiles.

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