How Do Invisible Braces Help Your Teeth?

Posted by Dr. Soto Sep 20, 2019

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There was a time when the only way to straighten your teeth was with wires, brackets and rubber bands. Rarely, if ever, would you see an adult with braces; that was relegated to the youth. But today, with the advent of invisible braces, even adults can achieve the perfect smile, while active youth don’t have to worry about breakage or cutting their mouths during sports. If you are considering invisible braces, know they are incredibly effective at achieving the results you are looking for. Here’s how invisible braces help your teeth.

How Do Invisible Braces Work?

Invisible braces, also called “aligners,” function like a retainer that you can slip on and off throughout the day, as needed. Custom-made for each patient, the aligners are issued in a series; the patient wears each aligner for approximately two weeks for about 22 hours a day (they should be removed while eating and drinking, as well as brushing and flossing). Over time these aligners gradually guide the crooked teeth to the desired position. As the positioning improves, a new set of trays are issued. Regular check-ups ensure progress and that you are on target for your next aligner.

No Wires or Brackets

Patients who opt for invisible braces rave over their ease of use and comfort. No brackets to break; no need to use wax to smooth out rough edges. And the results are comparable to metal, without the conventional abrasiveness on the gums.

Cleaner Teeth

One of the hardest parts of wearing braces is keeping the teeth clean. It’s hard to floss – especially in the nooks and crannies. Plus, if you enjoy coffee or tea, expect stains. No so with invisible braces. Since you can remove the tray while eating or brushing and flossing, the risk of developing decay or gum disease is minimized and there are no surprise stains or discoloration, as there are often when metal braces are removed.


For those who prefer to be more discreet, invisible braces are just that – practically invisible. That means you can attend functions or important events and smile for the camera (as long as you put your tray back in after the event ends!). Plus, you are able to eat the foods you like; with traditional metal braces it’s very hard to take a bit out of a fresh apple or carrot.

Are Invisible Braces right for you?

Like with any orthodontic treatment, invisible braces require a strong commitment to delivering favorable results. Therefore, the effectiveness of your braces depends on conscientious usage. Failure to wear the aligners for the prescribed period can result in a longer treatment period. The duration of treatment also depends on the severity of your case; the more shifting your teeth require, the more time will be needed. That said, while they work best for teenagers and adults; invisible braces may not be right for everyone, especially those with a severe overbite or other structural concerns.

Orthodontic Services at the Dental Office of Dr. Ernie Soto

Invisible braces are a more convenient, comfortable option to metal braces, and when it comes to which kind to choose, Invisalign® are clearly the best – most treatment takes about a year to achieve your perfect smile. If you had braces as a child or are considering pursuing treatment now but would rather be discreet about it, consider Invisalign®. If you are in Broward County, your best bet to achieve that smile is by working with Dr. Ernie Soto. Dr. Soto offers the latest advancements in dental care, oral surgery, and cosmetic dentistry. To know whether invisible braces are for you, or if you are seeking a dentist for your dental needs, call Dr. Soto today at (954) 368-6264 or book an appointment online. For Dr. Soto and his team, a healthy smile does not only dwell on the surface. It resonates with how you feel, and it brings out your genuine smile.

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