From Major to Minor Procedures – What a Cosmetic Dentist Can Provide

Posted by Dr. Soto Jul 29, 2022

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Gone are the days when the job of dentists was limited to carrying out oral exams, tooth extractions, and cleanings. Now, dentistry also includes special procedures aimed at improving the appearance of the teeth and helping people achieve “megawatt smiles.” These procedures are specifically referred to as cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry.

To give you a better insight into cosmetic dentistry, below are just a few of the minor and major services a cosmetic dentist provides.

Dental Veneer Installation

Dental veneer installation involves a cosmetic dentist directly bonding wafer-thin and custom-created shells to the front part of your teeth to conceal minor tooth imperfections, such as misshapen, cracked, or chipped teeth; discolored teeth; and peg-shaped lateral incisors.

Veneers are made of either composite resin material or porcelain.

Professional Teeth Whitening

This is a tooth bleaching process that uses high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide-based gel, which is activated with a special lamp, to penetrate the enamel and change the color of the dentin – the layer of calcified tissue underneath the enamel that gives your tooth a yellowish appearance.

While essentially aimed at reversing tooth discoloration, teeth whitening has benefits that go beyond merely producing brighter smiles. Being comfortable with your smile translates into having an improved self-esteem and being able to better interact with other people.

Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that involves a cosmetic dentist embedding titanium, screwlike fixtures into the jawbone to replace the roots of the damaged or missing teeth. These fixtures provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth.

Dental implant surgery has become increasingly popular for a number of good reasons. To cite one, dental implants are hands down aesthetically superior (compared to dental bridges and dentures), as they are designed to precisely match the shade of your natural teeth, and they eventually fuse to your existing jawbone, which allows for a perfect fit and a comfortable feel.

Cosmetic Dentist in Plantation, FL

To find out which of these cosmetic dentistry services is right for you or learn more about your options, schedule a consultation with Dr. Ernie Soto – one of the most trusted cosmetic dentists in Plantation, Florida.

Dr. Soto is renowned for not only his expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional cosmetic outcomes, but also for his passion to empower patients to make the wisest decisions about their dental health and care.

To book an appointment with Dr. Ernie Soto, contact our office at (954) 368-6264 or use our online appointment request form.

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