Frequently Asked Questions About Sedation Dentistry

Posted by Dr. Soto Dec 28, 2021

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If you have severe dental anxiety, going to the dentist can be scary, especially for oral surgery. Your dental anxiety can prevent you from getting necessary dental procedures. Fortunately, now you can alleviate your fear of dental procedures with sedation services offered by sedation dentists.

If you have planned to go for sedation dentistry, you may have many questions in mind, including how sedation dentistry works, who should consider it, and where you can find the best sedation dentist.

Let us take a more in-depth look at the most frequently asked question about sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a way for people suffering from dental anxiety to undergo a dental procedure. It is the administration of sedative drugs during a lengthy dental procedure to relieve the patient from mild to severe anxiety and keep them comfortable.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

You can be an ideal candidate for sedation dentistry if you are:

  • Afraid of needles
  • Concerned about dental pain
  • Experiencing dentist phobia or anxiety
  • Having a weak gag reflex
  • Experiencing sensitive gums and teeth
  • Feeling nauseous during dental procedures
  • Having a long dental procedure

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Yes, sedation dentistry is a safe tool used by a licensed and skilled sedation dentist. Sedation dentistry is not damaging to your health. Under sedation, you will be closely monitored to ensure your safety.

What Types of Sedation Are Offered?

Sedation level and type vary depending on the patient’s needs, the intensity of the procedure, and the duration of the procedure. There are four sedation procedures: oral sedation, inhaled minimal sedation, IV moderate sedation, and deep sedation. IV sedation is considered the most suitable method.

How Long Will I Be Sedated?

Your timeline for sedation depends on the length of the dental procedure you are undergoing. You can expect your timeline for sedation to be from one to several hours. During our initial consultation, your dental surgeon will tell you the exact length of sedation and procedure.

Will I Feel Pain Using Sedation Dentistry?

Most patients do not feel any pain or discomfort during their dental procedure under sedation. Anesthetics used during sedation dentistry will lower your awareness of what is going on. However, you may feel a slight discomfort after the effect of the sedative is gone.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry comes without any major side effects, other than feeling a little groggy after the procedure. You will be asked to bring your family member with you who can drive you home for your safety.

Will I Remember Anything About My Dental Procedure?

Whether you will remember the dental procedure or not depends on your level of sedation. There are varying degrees of IV sedation, such as minimal, moderate, or deep.  Depending upon the state of IV sedation achieved, you may feel very sleepy, relaxed, and semi-conscious but not unconscious.

The Best Sedation Dentist in Plantation, FL

If you are interested in sedation dentistry and would like to know if sedation dentistry is right for you, visit our sedation dentist, Dr. Ernie Soto. Dr. Soto is one of very few dentists licensed by the state of Florida to provide anesthesia for advanced dental procedures. He can offer you a pain-free and anxiety-free dental visit every time with sedation dentistry.

To schedule a consultation or an appointment, call us today at (954) 368-6264 or fill out our convenient online form. We look forward to serving you here!

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