Do You Go to a Dentist or an Oral Surgeon for Tooth Extractions?

Posted by Dr. Soto Oct 04, 2018

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Just the thought of getting a tooth extracted can be stressful. Deciding which dental professional – a dentist or an oral surgeon – to visit to have the tooth removed can add to that stress. By the time you’ve learned that a tooth has to come out, you’ve already suffered enough pain to know that whomever it is to extract that tooth, it could be sooner than later. You don’t want to endure another minute of discomfort and need a solution to your problem, and fast. Believe it or not, who will extract the tooth is dependent upon the position of the tooth in question. So, when it comes to tooth-busting, who are you going to call? Your dentist or oral surgeon?

Reasons to See a Dentist

For pain that affects the mouth, see a dentist. Your dentist will diagnose any pain that affects your teeth, gums, and jaw. Your face or sinus cavity might also ache in connection with a diseased tooth. Ask your dentist about any face pain that might incur.

For initial diagnosis of your condition, see a dentist. Once the condition is diagnosed, your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon, if necessary.  An oral surgeon is a medical professional who specializes in diseases or genetic defects in the head, neck, jaw and face. An oral surgeon also treats injuries to the same areas.

Reasons to see an Oral Surgeon

Impacted Tooth. Infections that cause tooth decay so severe that it needs extracting, are often the results of an impacted tooth. Impacted teeth are defined as those that have not come in (erupted) when expected, or have coming in at the wrong direction or in the wrong position due to lack of space. There’s no one reason for the occurrence of an impacted tooth and genetics can certainly play a part.  In the case of an impacted tooth, an oral surgeon can make a difference. A dentist will diagnose your condition and then advise about next steps and which professional to see.

Poor Tooth Alignment. Your dentist may suggest you see an oral surgeon if your teeth are misaligned. An overbite or underbite might require surgery; orthognathic surgery is performed on patients who have trouble chewing or swallowing due to their under or over-bite.

Oral surgeons treat cancers of the mouth, head and neck, which would include sinuses, larynx, lips, salivary glands and the throat. Your dentist certainly might notice discoloration or sores on the tongue or mouth that are cancerous, but it is the oral surgeon who most likely will treat it.

Other reasons to see an oral surgeon include wisdom teeth extraction, temporomandibular joint (TMJ), cranial facial surgery, sleep apnea, dental implant surgery and dental and soft tissue surgery or surgery to correct a jaw and cosmetic surgery.

No matter the condition, a great dentist can help you understand your treatment options for a lifelong partnership of great dental health. Dr. Ernie Soto offers a complete range of dental services, including general dentistry and specialized treatments like dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. Call 954-368-6264 to make an appointment. Good oral health and looking feeling your best is only a phone call away.

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